Milk has been a dietary staple in our lives for years past. However, in recent times, with industrialization and fast production processes, we have been slowly losing the purity of milk.
A2 milk differs from regular milk in the structure of proteins within it. Historically, cows produce A2 milk, however, the milk currently available in stores is that of A1. 
A2 milk is preferable for a variety of reasons. It is significantly more similar in structure to mothers milk and also carries health benefits over its counterpart, according to studies.

KRSNA produces the finest A2 plus milk. Milk by itself is a nutritious food and a dietary staple, however, KRSNA A2 Plus milk has long since been improving on it’s quality and effective nutrition.

Through the diet provided to our pedigree Gir Cows, KRSNA A2 plus milk has been a magic potion providing a multitude of benefits.  increasing immunity, enhance memory power, prevent obesity, manage early diabetic, promote digestion, stress, migraines, asthma, joint pains, increases breast milk in feeding mothers, reduces PMS symptoms in menstruation cycle.

With our milking process, we ensure that no outward germs or bacteria can impact the milk, guaranteeing that your milk stays pure and untouched. To ensure freshness, our milk is delivered within 4 hours of milking, in sterilized glass bottles.