KRSNA is very proud of its bovine family. We ensure that all our cows are certified Gir Cows. 
It believes in fostering a sense of comfort and happiness among even its cows. With them providing us with such nutrition and resources, KRSNA believes in keeping them happy, comfortable and healthy. We also make sure that our cows are in good spirits, with music playing in intervals over the entire farm. 

Our cows are provided with a nutrient rich diet of varieties of grass species, herbs and natural digestion enhancers along with open grazing in forests.

This ensures a well balanced diet and a healthy amount of openness to move.

Gir cows have long since been recognized as the best breed for milk, as it presents a better blend of protein and fat. Coupled with this, our cows all produce A2 milk, which is a rung ahead in terms of nutritional quality and taste.


Gir cows have been the backbone of our family and are revered and respected for the same. KRSNA’s cows are all treated inhumane manners, with their calves receiving appropriate attention and not deprived of anything. The milk in distribution is also obtained after the calves have had their fill.