Energy 112kcal
FAT 12.73g
Saturated FAT 7.926g
Monounsaturated FAT 3.678g
Polyunsaturated FAT 0.473g
Protein 0.04g
Potassium 1mg
Sodium 11mg
Calcium 2%
Vitamin A 50%



Clarified Butter is just a meaning given for Ghee, by the dictionaries written by those who do not know about Ghrita. Ghrita (ghee) is the foremost substance of Indian cuisine from thousands of years B.C. Ayurvedic classics described eight kinds of ghee from eight different animal milk, among them ghee made from Indian origin cow milk in its traditional and medicinal process is said to be the superior Ghrita.

The substances obtained by just boiling (to higher temperatures) the milk fats (cream of raw milk), may be Ghee but not Ghrita.

Ghrita, when prepared in its right process, is one among the best Ajasrika Rasayanas. It is Ayu-Vardhaka (longevity), Bala-Vardhaka (Strength and Immunity), Ojo-Vardhaka (Glow and Potency), Vaya-Sthapaka (Anti Ageing), Dhatu-Poshaka (Tissue Development and Balance) and is supreme in Snehana Dravyas.

As per Ayurveda Samhitas, Ghrita a substance obtained by boiling (at low heat) the butter obtained by churning (forward and backward with fractional gaps) the curds (with specially made wooden churners called ‘bilona’) of a2 cow milk, before Sunrise.

At Krsna a2 Milk Farms, the processes given in the Samhita are strictly followed in to.

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Krsna Ghrita is not just Fats and Proteins but much beyond.

Buteric acids in Krsna Ghrita act on naïve T-cells, in the digestive system, to promote their diffentiation in to Treg Cells, to improve Immunity while tuning the digestive system.

Hence, for digestive immunity…Krsna a2 Gir Cow Ghee is one of the best Ghrita available from India.

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