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Welcome to KRSNA

KRSNA is a dairy farm, specialising in organic, free range dairy production, with its services in Hyderabad and Secunderabad in a few hours from milking.

KRSNA's milk is collected from our very own Gir Cows, who are tended with great care. 

KRSNA’s dairy products are made of the finest A2 milk from the best kept Gir Cows. All our products are organic, pure and unadulterated. 


What is A2 Milk?

KRSNA was set up in an attempt to spread good health and proper nutrition to all. In this endeavour, KRSNA started with cows and cow milk; milk being one of the most crucial parts of a nutritious diet. 

Through this mission, the KRSNA family built this structure with its core values in mind, never compromising on quality. 

KRSNA thus ensures that every aspect in the process of providing its products are top notch. The dairy farm, our cow family, the milk and everyone working with us.

With good nutrition as our goal, and no room for mistakes, KRSNA has spent the last several years constantly improving the process of providing the freshest, purest and truly organic milk and milk products. With a scientific approach, confirmed through tests, KRSNA has achieved its ever improving process, which leaves non room for our product to be tarnished.

The best and nothing lesser. KRSNA uses only authentic Gir Cows, with pedigree data records. We ensure that our cows are fit and healthy, not just physically but mentally. KRSNA has always believed that a happy cow gives the best milk.

The finest A2 Plus, milked from the best reared Gir Cows. Our milk is unprocessed and untouched by preservatives or additives. The truest meaning of organic and fresh, with KRSNA’s milk coming to you within a few hours of milking from the cows.